Purple Lava Lamp


Purple Lava Lamps are amazingly popular, but do you know what the color purple means or symbolizes?  Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfilment.

People say if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Many people use the color of purple for relaxation techniques and meditation it has also been used to symbolize royalty.

If you are crazy about purple then you will be interested in the first two products that are displayed. The Purple Glitter Vision Lamp is breathtaking and wonderful to watch. As the light shines it creates a light show that sparkles as the glitter reflects the light.

It comes with a base which has a mirrored interior and that creates the illusion of three cylinders. If you are looking for a great decoration for your home or want a gift idea then this will be perfect.

If you would like to own a purple lava lamp then please feel free to browse our collection of lamps below:

Clear Purple Lava Lamp: Sparkling Purple:
Clear Purple Lamp

 - Original Lava Brand

 - Purple Wax

 - 20 Oz

 - 14.5" Tall

Click below for more info: Lava Lamp - Purple Wax with Clear Liquid
Purple Glitter Vision Lamp

 - Groovy, glittery purple    accent light

 - Silver glitter moves in      the cylinder of purple      liquid

 - Mirrored interior gives      illusion of 3 cylinders
 - 15.75Hx8Wx3D"

Click below for more info: Vision Sparkle Lamp - Purple Glitter

Pink & Purple: Grande Blue Lava LampPurple Glitter Lamp:
Pink & Purple Grande

 - Pink and Purple Color

 - 27" Tall

 - The Largest Motion       Lamp

Click below for more info:
Lava Lamp - Pink Wax with Purple Liquid
Purple Glitter Lamp

 - Original Lava Brand

 - Sparkling Glitter

 - 8 oz

 - 10" Tall

Click below for more info: Lava Lamp - Purple Liquid with Silver Glitter

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