Glitter Lava Lamp


Glitter Lava Lamps have grown in popularity over recent years and in today’s market there is a demand for these magnificent lighting pieces. Many people enjoy the sight of the glitter flowing freely inside the lamp, and the lamp fulfils the practical function of lighting up a room.

Many people purchase glitter lava lamps and use them for a night light. Instead of having the main room light on, they will rather have their lava or glitter lamp on which makes sense as the flowing movement can have a calming effect on you as well as a way to relax the mind before falling asleep.

These lamps are available in a wide range of colors and designs and the type of design that you pick will depend on your likes, room color scheme etc. Glitter Lava Lamps can be used to decorate and bring a room to life. Lava Lamps can be add to basically any room such as a office reception, family room, office desk, pubs, and other places of interest.

Before purchasing a glitter lava lamp or any other kind of lava lamp it is important to find out if the lamp comes with light bulbs or not. Most lamps come with light bulbs, but please make sure before purchasing.

If you are looking to purchase light bulbs for your lava lamp then we do have a range of bulbs available depending on what you require. Glitter lamps have the ability to add a stylish and modern touch to your home or office.

So, lighten up your life and order a Glitter Lava Lamp now!

Red Hot Deal: Sylish Design:
Large Glitter Lamp

 - Beautiful red color

 - Original lava brand

 - 52 Oz

 - 16.3" Tall

Click below for more info: Lava Lamp Original Brand 52 OZ - Red Liquid with Silver Glitter

Groovy Glitter Lamp

 - Unique, fun design
 - Glass bottle sits in            plastic base

 - Other colors available:
   Lime and Purple
 - 25 watts

Click below for more info:
Groovy Glitter Lamp - Blue

Package Deal: Vision Sparkle Lamp:
4 Groovy Lamps

 - Get 4 Groovy Lamps

 - Lime, Blue, Purple        and Pink

 - Slim base design

 - Best value for money

Click below for more info: Creative Motion 10031-6 Goovy Glitter Lime

Vision Sparkle Lamp

 - Silver glitter moves          serenely in cylinder of      purple liquid
 - Groovy, glittery purple    accent light

 - Mirrored interior gives      illusion of 3 cylinders

 - Silvertone base

Click below for more info: Vision Sparkle Lamp - Purple Glitter

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